Buy car insurance for seven days!
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Insuring a car short term

Insuring a car for seven days is easy. Drivers in the UK, including foreign visitors, can now be protected by insurance on a short-term basis for cars that they own themselves or vehicles that have been borrowed from a friend or relation. Taking out a temporary policy on another vehicle and driving on UK or EU roads without risking a charge of driving a motor vehicle without insurance can be done within minutes, online.

How easy is it to apply for a policy?

The whole process of applying for temporary cover is very efficient. Getting an initial quotation should take less than a minute and then completing the simplified proposal form should take just two or three minutes more. Once the premium has been paid the policy documents are emailed to the applicant and cover can begin immediately.
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Which drivers are eligible for 7 days short term cover?

A motorist should be between 18 and 75 and have held a full driving licence for at least a year. As with a conventional yearly insurance policy insurers will consider factors such as driving experience, any relevant accidents or convictions, postcode etc when calculating a premium or deciding whether or not to issue a policy.

Which cars can be insured?

Most of the popular cars in the UK can be covered. It doesn't matter if a car has been borrowed provided that the driver has the owner's permission and that no money has changed hands. Hired cars or vehicles that are owned by car rental companies are not eligible for this type of short period cover. 
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What are the advantages of short term car insurance?
You, your driver or the owner of the car will be safe from the huge penalties of driving, or allowing a car to be driven, without insurance. Also, the peace of mind of being protected by comprehensive insurance when you borrow a car, lend your own vehicle to someone else or share driving for a few days is an experience that has been enjoyed by over half a million UK motorists already. Why not get a quote for your own temporary policy now.